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  1. PDF viewer open link in new tab

    When sharing a PDF using a Dash link, any links embedded in the PDF open in the current tab (meaning people leave Dash). Is there a way to make the embedded links open in a new tab instead?

    #External Asset Access#Embeddable links#Embedded Data Mappings


  2. Be able to set a custom notice period for Expiry Date email alerts

    Currently, you can select when people are notified via email of assets expiring (via the Expiry Date field), but the most you can set it to is 14 days. It would be useful if this could be increased, or if a custom amount could be set.

    Katya Rose


  3. The ability to move Controlled Tags up and down the hierarchy.

    If I have two controlled tags on the top level. I can drag one on top of the other to make it a child of that tag, vs. having to delete it and create a new child tag inside the parent tag. Likewise, I can drag a child tag out of the parent and place it back on the top level.

    Nate K


  4. merge controlled tags

    Upon realising that a couple of fields could serve the same purpose, it would be useful to be able to merge these so it isn't necessary to re-create 100s of tags

    Charli P
    #Attributes / Fields#Filters#Organising


  5. The ability to see all parent and child controlled tags in one view

    This would be really useful to ensure no cross over/duplication of tags and allow to ensure naming of tags is done in a consistent manner

    Jane M
    #Quick win#Search#Tagging


  6. The a

    Jane M


  7. Comment on/have conversations about assets in a collection

    For internal and/or external users to be able to comment on assets in a collection for the purposes of collaboration

    Amber S
    #Collections#Collaboration#Use case: external partners


  8. Adding watermark to assets

    Hello. It would be great if there was a feature to add watermarks to images in a specific folder. Thanks Tabatha

    #Big win


  9. Account-wide asset usage reporting

    Allow admins to be able to view account-wide usage, such as: Most/least downloaded assets Most/least active users Most/least viewed assets To help with feeding back into the asset creation process, and to help identify users who aren't getting the full value from Dash.

    Paul E


  10. Show folders on browse page with a thumbnail

    Kane A


  11. Folder-specific fields

    Ability to limit the usage/visibility of certain fields to specific folders.

    Alexander H
    #Attributes / Fields#Folders


  12. Link assets together

    Showing linked assets as thumbnails on the Asset Details page

    Andrew M
    #Core DAM


  13. Basic image editing

    For example, adjusting brightness, saturation, rotation, crop

    B H
    #Editing#Big win


  14. Phone / mobile App

    It would be useful to have an actual app you can download on the app store. It would be less clunky and more efficient than using a web based app. Many of our team members use their phones to download assets and post to social media.



  15. When Dash identifies a duplicate in my upload, let me review where the duplicate is.

    This would be helpful, so I can edit the existing asset and add it to a new folder, without duplicating the file.

    Emily Lamb - Dash
    #Asset Management#Uploading#Tagging