Dash Feature Ideas

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  1. Search for user in Admin

    To be able to natively (i.e. not doing a browser/page search) for a user

    #User management#Administration


  2. Asset usage tracking

    When a user downloads an asset (or generates an embed link) they are asked to specify how and where they are using it. This information is then logged and shown to other users on the Asset Details page.



  3. Comment on/have conversations about assets in a collection

    For internal and/or external users to be able to comment on assets in a collection for the purposes of collaboration

    Amber S
    #Collections#Collaboration#Use case: external partners


  4. Show a report of system-wide asset usage

    paul e


  5. Create folders without going to admin

    Make it easier for users to create folders (e.g. without having to go in the admin area)



  6. Integration with a creative Project Management tool like Asana or Monday.com


    Tom M


  7. Turn off/on download function for collections

    Problem to solve: assets are downloadable within a collection, but sometimes it should only be for viewing purposes and feedback. No download required.



  8. CSV export of embeddable links for ecommerce platforms

    The ability to export asset necessary metadata, likely including embeddable URLs, for the purpose of importing into ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Magento...

    #Use case: ecommerce#Export


  9. Integration with Sprout Social

    Ability to select an image to use with a new social post without leaving Sprout Social

    David K


  10. Two Factor Authentication

    Ability to enable 2FA / MFA for users in Dash

    Charlie Pinker


  11. Warning for assets that haven't been released yet

    It would be great if assets could get a warning sign or a watermark before downloading. Some assets aren't released but can be used internally. Therefore it would be great to set a release date (incl. the option "never") and get a warning before downloading, so the assets will only be used for internal decks and not for anything public.

    Stefanie Z
    #Asset Management#Downloading


  12. Shopify integration

    Access Dash assets from within Shopify, or have the ability to send Dash assets to Shopify, possibly using categories etc to match products between both systems.

    Charlie Pinker
    #Integrations#Use case: ecommerce


  13. Adjust size of thumbnails

    A way to change, either manually or automatically, the size of thumbnails on the Browse and/or Home screens

    Brian G


  14. Link assets together

    Showing linked assets as thumbnails on the Asset Details page

    Andrew M
    #Core DAM


  15. Approvers can reject and send message back to uploader

    #Upload with approval#Use case: contributor management