Dash Feature Ideas

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  1. Exclude tags - e.g. filter by "sky NOT blue" using tags

    Andrew M


  2. Search for user in Admin

    To be able to natively (i.e. not doing a browser/page search) for a user

    #User management#Administration


  3. Basic image editing

    For example, adjusting brightness, saturation, rotation, crop

    B H


  4. Add assets to certain folder if given certain tag

    Marc B
    #Core DAM#Folders#Tagging


  5. Ability to collapse file info in asset view for better use of screen real estate

    When viewing an asset, in the right sidebar, quite a lot of prime real estate is devoted to information about the file (version history, download history, who added it etc). While this information is very useful it takes up quite a lot of space that could be better utilised for showing other fields. Having this collapsed by default would make for a better user experience. Please see the attached example.

    #Asset Management#Browse#Metadata


  6. Audio soundwave on preview

    Being able to preview the soundwave within Dash would make it easier to skip to certain parts during previewing without having to download the file.

    Emily Lamb


  7. Comment on/have conversations about assets in a collection

    For internal and/or external users to be able to comment on assets in a collection for the purposes of collaboration

    Amber S
    #Collections#Collaboration#Use case: external partners


  8. Approvers can reject and send message back to uploader

    #Upload with approval#Use case: contributor management


  9. "Don't expire" option for share links

    An additional option of "don't expire" alongside the existing expiry options when sharing assets

    Margaret C


  10. Use Title field for filename when downloading original assets

    When you download the Original option for an asset, the filename will use the Title rather than the original filename.

    Charlie Pinker


  11. Folder-specific fields

    Ability to limit the usage/visibility of certain fields to specific folders.

    Alexander H
    #Folders#Attributes / Fields


  12. Embed Dash in a webpage

    The ability to embed a Dash, or a collection or portal, in an iframe within a webpage, to publicly promote Dash assets within a larger site.

    Dan B


  13. Restrict access based on Attributes

    Shawn S


  14. Filter users by permission in the Admin>Users screen



  15. Ability to discern between transparent and non-transparent images

    Currently when filtering by File Type > Image, we see both transparent and opaque images. Usually we use PNG's for things like icons and logos that are transparent and do not really play the same role as a .jpeg image. Some way to see only one or the other would be great.