Dash Feature Ideas

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  1. Folder-specific fields

    Ability to limit the usage/visibility of certain fields to specific folders.

    Alexander H
    #Folders#Attributes / Fields


  2. Comment on/have conversations about assets in a collection

    For internal and/or external users to be able to comment on assets in a collection for the purposes of collaboration

    Amber S
    #Collections#Collaboration#Use case: external partners


  3. Custom domain (URL) for Dash accounts

    To be able to choose a custom domain for a Dash account, such as https://ourcompanydam.com instead of https://ourcompanydam.dash.app



  4. Search for user in Admin

    To be able to natively (i.e. not doing a browser/page search) for a user

    #User management#Administration


  5. Download videos in different sizes

    It would be great if videos could be downloaded in different sizes for different use. (smaller for websites, bigger for presentations...)

    Stefanie Z


  6. Guest upload link

    Admin can send a link to an external recipient (who isn't a user of Dash) for them to be able to upload assets for an admin user to approve (or reject)

    #Uploading#Partner/retailer management


  7. Basic image editing

    For example, adjusting brightness, saturation, rotation, crop

    B H


  8. Link assets together

    Showing linked assets as thumbnails on the Asset Details page

    Andrew M
    #Core DAM


  9. Integration with a creative Project Management tool like Asana or Monday.com


    Tom M


  10. Adding watermark to assets

    Hello. It would be great if there was a feature to add watermarks to images in a specific folder. Thanks Tabatha



  11. Embed asset attribute information into e.g. Exif fields when downloading



  12. Account-specific auto-tagging, which learns from our own images and tags

    The ability for Dash's auto-tagging to be customised per account, for example managing specific tags that may or may not be added, or controlling what tags are added in response to other tags being added, or for the intelligence itself to evolve to recognise customer-specific imagery.

    Przemysalw Markek P


  13. Phone / mobile App

    It would be useful to have an actual app you can download on the app store. It would be less clunky and more efficient than using a web based app. Many of our team members use their phones to download assets and post to social media.



  14. Video cropping (choose start and end frame and download cropped version)

    Robert F


  15. Powerpoint preview - view whole presentation

    Could possibly also include Word and other Office applications

    Chris J
    #Core DAM