Product Updates

New updates and improvements to Dash

  1. We've released two improvements to cropping:

    Apply image-specific crop areas

    You can now set the exact crop position for any image, for each preset size.

    This is great for when you want to:

    • Control exactly how an image will look when users download it using a preset size.

    • Control where a crop will be applied when downloading an image within some of our 3rd party integrations.

    • Save users time when doing bulk downloads of crop presets

    Learn all about this feature here.


    Apply crops when downloading multiple assets

    Crop preset sizes are now available in the download menu when downloading multiple assets.

    If you choose a crop preset size when downloading multiple assets, Dash will prompt you to choose the crop position for each asset before providing the zipped download.

    Learn more about bulk downloading in this article.


  2. With our API, you can now create users programatically, and assign them to groups.

    This is useful if you have other systems that manage users who you'd like to automatically give access to Dash without having to manually create them.


  3. Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere.

    The Dash Canva app allows you to browse your Dash assets directly from within Canva, and import these straight into your projects.


    The integration is free and available now. Learn more about how to use it in our support article.

  4. With Dash, you can create permanent links directly to assets, allowing you to embed them in external applications.

    We've updated the URL of these links to now include the filename. This means it is now easier to identify what assets the URLs are pointing to, and also means certain assets such as PDFs will retain their filenames when viewed via the link.

    From this:


    To this:


    It's a small tweak, but we're pleased to release it as it came directly from customer feedback only quite recently. So, keep your feedback coming as we really do listen!